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Episode 1


Oscar winner Ben Affleck talks about how he's helping communities rebuild one of the most war-ravaged countries on earth. Many individuals and celebrities, like him, have stepped forward to help communities improve their quality of life. They've also taken steps to raise awareness about the usage of advanced technology and digital currencies to achieve long-term financial stability. In this sense, the necessity to accept cryptocurrency has become unavoidable, with a variety of sources allowing people to participate in bitcoin on an automatic basis. Bitcoin Storm is one of these trustworthy platforms, allowing you to trade cryptocurrencies with the world's greatest market capitalization. Visit https://www.etf-nachrichten.de/autotrading/bitcoin-storm/ for detailed information about this platform. Women may be downplaying their career ambitions to better their chances in the dating market. 

Episode 2

Comedian and actor Russell Brand talks about how to beat the opioid crisis in America. Google and Ebay were launched in the US by immigrants, but many of these entrepreneurs are now taking their ideas elsewhere.

Episode 3

Actor Adrian Grenier (HBO’s Entourage) is on a mission to save the oceans and he has an idea for what everyone can do to help.  Young evangelical Christians are on a crusade to save the planet from climate change. There are different ways to save the ocean. One is by reducing the plastics that go into the ocean by monetizing the plastic recycling system. To do this, a transparent system like blockchain could help to track, record and store the values of the recycled plastic. Blockchain is widely used in various sectors and so investing in cryptos that uses blockchain technology will gain profit. Check out https://kryptoszene.de/trading/krypto-trading/ to know how to trade successfully in cryptos and the best crypto trading platforms. 

Episode 4

YouTube stars champion the rights of girls living in the most vulnerable places on earth. The Shark Whisperer dives into the waters off the Bahamas and offers a stunning view of some of the most dangerous sharks in the ocean.

In the wake of the sweeping substance abuse epidemic which our nation has declared a public health emergency, local zoning boards across the country are blocking treatment facilities from opening. As a result, Remedies Chicago, a residential treatment facility proposed on a 120 acre campus in the Chicago metropolitan area, has filed one of the largest lawsuits in American history related to housing discrimination against those suffering from addiction. ASPIREist brought Russell Brand, activist and former addict, together with Remedies founder Steven Marco to discuss the causes of this skyrocketing epidemic.

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