A story well curated can change the world. Aspireist is a platform to ‘get smarter, quicker’ on the topics that matter most. Our tools allow users to curate the most compelling content in order to better inform and inspire social change.

ASPIREist was formed as a result of our desire to access a variety of in-depth content sources around the impactful and aspirational topics we care about deeply. While search is often a powerful starting point in any quest for knowledge, sifting through links to find stories with depth and opinion can be challenging.

Our Mission: Deliver breadth, depth and context around the topics impacting our world. We attempt to assist people in their quest to “get smarter, quicker” on substantive issues by providing a publishing platform that offers the ability to combine a multitude of POVs and content types all on just one page. It’s the intersection of curation, collaboration and context.

The question we posed to ourselves: could we build a publishing platform offering users the opportunity to build ‘Topic Pages’ comprised of both crowdsourced content curated by those passionate about topics of importance and also include enhanced algorithmic suggestions to bolster the experience?

While anyone can publish on any reasonable topic using our platform, we focus most of our efforts to heavily promote those stories and Topic Pages that we feel positively impact our world. We are now at the very beginning stages but the reception has been phenomenal. People truly share if they care! We focus on promoting the group of topics that we see resonating with our growing core audience of the socially conscientious. These topics include: